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Holy crapolee - I'm in!

2014-12-03 01:31:42 by LJCoffee

So after misplacing my NG keys and spending a few years wandering around, I found an open window and crawled back in.  I'm still making crappy tracks but I'm now using updated gear.  I've always loved the Native-Instruments line up so I recently sold all my random hardware and snagged a Maschine Studio and I gotta tell ya - if you have the means, then you should definitely consider picking up one of these bad boys.  You'll have so much fun with it that you'll soon stop shaving, showering, sleeping, eating and you just may lose your job and possibly signifcant other as well.  It'll totally be worth it though - who needs a family life and gainful employment anyways.  I'm currently augmenting it with a piddly little line6 mobilekeys25 until I decide that I can drop a little pile of catnip on a Kontrol S49 without too much guilt.  Oh, but that will be such a fun week...