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Holy crapolee - I'm in!

2014-12-03 01:31:42 by LJCoffee

So after misplacing my NG keys and spending a few years wandering around, I found an open window and crawled back in.  I'm still making crappy tracks but I'm now using updated gear.  I've always loved the Native-Instruments line up so I recently sold all my random hardware and snagged a Maschine Studio and I gotta tell ya - if you have the means, then you should definitely consider picking up one of these bad boys.  You'll have so much fun with it that you'll soon stop shaving, showering, sleeping, eating and you just may lose your job and possibly signifcant other as well.  It'll totally be worth it though - who needs a family life and gainful employment anyways.  I'm currently augmenting it with a piddly little line6 mobilekeys25 until I decide that I can drop a little pile of catnip on a Kontrol S49 without too much guilt.  Oh, but that will be such a fun week...


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2014-12-03 02:33:51

By misplacing your keys, you mean you lost your password/email address? Lol, that happened to me in 2003, didn't find it again till 2009 or so O_O but to be fair, NG changed password lengths in '03 meaning I'd have to type more of the password, than was necessary previously...

Speaking of ancient, I ordered a buncha stuff from a notable synthesizer pack rat, like Sexual Lobster, this guy's got some tunes, mostly mainstream 80's riffing, but sweet none the less.

Glad you're back, the forum/BBS is still jumping, but the Audio Portal is kinda stuck in a holding pattern :p

LJCoffee responds:

That is almost exactly what happened. I hit a very unusual point in my life a few years back and at some point I lost track of a lot of things, my NG credentials being one of them. For shiggles, I decided to dig around and try to regain access. I looked at your page and it appears that we're about the same age. I see you're currently up in Jersey. I used to live up near there - in rural Orange county NY. Thanks for the comment - I'm sure we'll bump into each other again at some point.


2014-12-03 06:14:25

HOLY CRAPOLEE! It's you! Is it really you!? D:

LJCoffee responds:

Wow. How the shucks are you man! It's good to see that you're still active here. I don't feel so lonely anymore. Unless I overlooked something, it doesn't appear that you've submitted anything to the portal in a long time. Are you still shredding steel and corrupting young souls?


2014-12-10 10:45:51

What the ?! Never thought i'd see your name around here again ! How ya been ?

LJCoffee responds:

Hey there! I've been up, I've been down, I've been here, there, and all around. I've been spitting dirty old rhymes, I've been committing audio crimes, I've been hitting like metal on grime, and I've been staying high with the times. :D

I'm currently listening to some of your latest stuff (from like, a year ago) - Bonjour, Au Revoir & Hybrid Times. Have you any newer stuff anywhere?


2014-12-14 02:58:53

Well, i'm afraid i've been stuck in a writer's block for a whole year. So, no , i don't have any new stuff at the moment.

LJCoffee responds:

I completely understand that... Blocks can be so frustrating - the longer they go on, the worse it seems. Sometimes it feels like the muses are giving you the finger and inspiration has left for good, though I'm fairly certain that is not the case. I think I remember liking most of your work if that's any consolation.


2016-12-22 03:48:23

Hey, still here? Out of curiosity, I was checking my own acc's audio portal history. Wanted to thank ya for scouting me.