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Stupendemous preloader!

Wow - that preloader was the bomb! Where did you ever find such an amazingly cool thing? It was awesome!

Oh yeah - the animation was there too... :)

AfroUnderscoreStud responds:

I hear that Slash prefers fapping to the swell chap who made that preloader more than he does Berryz Koubou.

Great job on this!

I hope you win the competition - this was absolute genius. You did a great job with all of the above. You're an excellent animator and you did a fantastic job creating visuals to match the music. I have nothing bad to say about this work at all other than I would have loved to see more of it.

Nice preloader!


Shoulda' used some of my music too!

Not a bad jod on this - decent animation - the techniques are fine, you should just look into pretty-ing up the graphics a bit and your overall quality will much higher.

Not sure about the script as I'm too fuzzy from last night to really keep track of it all but You'll get my vote to save it!

later mate!

RSQViper responds:

I love this preloader. Hope you like the added sound to it!

Glad you liked the movie, too and as for graphics, they will be getting a once over for the next installment and in all my future Flashes.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Great game!

This was a fantastic game - it was very well done and I really have no complaints at all.

I have a few suggestions to consider for the next version though:

Map the little DJ's arm movements to the x/y of the mouse so that in addition to the tables the character will seem more in time with the music as well. - Would be cool.

A nice little feature might be to cause a 'skip' if you miss a bar - Depending on how you're playing the sound - if you're using script, you could grab the .position and then use that value plus or minus a random bit on a .start combined with a scratch sound to cause this effect. Maybe... I know this could cause problems with the timing (again - depending on how you've set it up) but hey - they're just suggestions right? :)

Consider adding a virtual crowd - complete with cheers for completing a particularly difficult section or boos if you do horribly.

Excellent job

Very unique gameplay - Quite different from most others.

Once you get the hang of the controls it's really a very fun game. You did a great job on this.

I could definitely see someone like PopCap picking this up.

Again - excellent job.

Nice scripting

You did a great job with the engine - My guess is that you were inspired by Gumboy - Crazy Adventures but if I'm wrong and you've never played that game then you should definitely check it out. Although this wasn't a very original game, the execution was done very well. Again, great job on the programming you did well with the hit detection and the physics. The graphics could be a little prettier but that's something that you can easily take care of in a later version if you decide to pursue it. You're quite talented!

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I have very little to offer in terms of critique. This would have blown the AP away when I was active - and it still just might!

Excellent job on this all around - very, very nice work. Do this moar!


A nod towards it's jazzy little roots; loved the re-grooving along the way. Timbres are all pretty clean if not a hair sinusoidal perhaps? - which is generally pretty cool.

Nice tune. do we know each other? I could swear I've dealt with a MrChambers before somewhere...

I like the overall ambience. I also really like the diminuendo on the kick at about 40 some-odd seconds into the almost half-time rhythm. Seriously, it's a very simple technique that makes me wonder why I haven't used it more. My one critique would be that it may have been more effective if used just a few bars later in the piece - or - a follow up with a cresc. molto to bring that 4x4 feel back for a moment before a final dim. molto just before the final 4 bars.

Either way - the track is pretty solid.

btw - I got here by following a "you might also like..." link from one of my own tunes (whizzamarroo) but I think the algorithm is flawed as the two tracks, while sharing a common tag (electronic), really aren't very similar.

Nice work - I'd like to hear more.

I do all of the above. I mean it. I can back it up too.


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